Covid-19 Response

CLC Activities Guidlines

You can check the current risk of spread level by clicking here.

Concordia Lutheran Church takes our responsibility as Citizens of Heaven and our local municipality seriously. We are working with and listening to: Whitman County Health, Pullman Public Schools, WSU in addition to our State and Federal Officials.

As a church we are taking the following precautions:

  • Additional cleaning and disinfecting of the entire Concordia Campus
  • We follow Washington State Mask Laws (Masks required for unvaccinated individuals)
  • Sunday Service and other events will be live streamed. Follow the link from our live stream page HERE
  • We are offering in person services, if you are sick please stay home.
  • You may still share in the mission of the church by giving your secure and confidential offering HERE
  • All sermons and services are available online HERE
  • All Seniors are regularly being checked on by our Lay Ministry Board and Pastor
  • If you require assistance due to a financial hardship please contact that church office at (509) 332-2830
  • Communion for those who self quarantine is available by contacting Pastor Matt

We are assured that the church is eternal by Christ Himself and that nothing will overcome our God and His power that saves us. (Matthew 16:18).

Additional Notes:

-Outdoor activities will be held weather permitting and as seasons allow. When livestreaming or virtual meetings are acceptable those forums will be encouraged. We will do what we can, when we can.

-Preschool and Church may open and close at different intervals if there is a confirmed case of COVID-19. Either facility will automatically be closed for two weeks following an exposure to our organization.

-Preschool will remain open unless ordered by an governing agency or closed by directive of the board.

-Certain Holy Days will be decided on a case by case instance: Christmas Eve, Ash Wednesday, Holy Week.