Our Mission...


The mission is the guiding compass of the church.

First given by Jesus in Matthew 28:18-20, the mission answers the question, “What are we ultimately supposed to be doing?” It makes the overall direction of the church unquestionable and points everyone in that direction. The mission is like a golden thread that weaves through every activity of the church. It brings greater meaning to everything from cleaning bathrooms to leadership. Simply put, it's the Great Commission re-articulated for the church's unique time and place.

At Concordia, you will hear what is means to live in Christ and love like Christ in relevant, biblical, and real ways.

Our vision...

to be a church Serving our communities by cultivating a Christ-centered life together

Vision is like a travel brochure. It inspires a picture of the future that no one can see yet. Vision does things that no other part of the Vision can do. For example, Vision will draw out people's sacrificial giving, incredible collaboration of talents, significant giving of time, and risk-taking.

The vision that Concordia desires to see happen is that there is an increasing number of people serving our communities near and far by cultivating a Christ-centered life together.