welcome home!

During the college years, massively significant decisions are made.

Who should I date? Who shouldn't I date?

What academic major fits my skills and personality and passion?

Should I get married? Will I ever get married?

How do I stand up to temptation?

How do I balance school, work, church and recreation?

What is God's will for my life?

These huge questions, and many more, are best tackled with the aid of people who care deeply - friends, church staffers, a family. As relationships deepen in a church family setting, trust follows suit. Students learn to trust God with their moments, days, weeks and months as they grow in faith. Consistent dips into Scripture help faith blossom as knowledge grows.

Concordia is a safe place to seek guidance, express doubts and ask tough questions. God, in His wisdom, has placed campus ministries as beacons, drawing students into relationship with Him so that their lives mirror that beacon as they leave the university to pursue God's calling on their lives and their career of choice, and share His deep love in their families, workplaces and future churches.

So wherever you're coming from, wherever you are... welcome home!

Tuesdays @ 6:00 pm

Each week during the academic year we gather to eat, meet new friends, study God's Word, pray, and be family, together.

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