Concordia's 2021 Easter Brunch Cookbook

Concordia members shared their favorite Easter Brunch recipes! Use the link below to download and print our Easter Cookbook.

Concordia Easter Brunch Cookbook.pdf

2021 Devotionals and Ideas

The Bible Project Reading Plan (Free)

Reading the Psalms ($13)

Summer of Scripture

Download the Summer 2021 reading plan here

Read The Gospel of Mark once a month and answer three questions:

  1. What did this reading say?
  2. What does this reading mean?
  3. Why was it written?

The Unveiling Mercy Podcast - a 4 minute daily Podcast linking the Old Testament to the New Testament

Purchase the book "Unveiling Mercy" Here

Spring Book Study

"Befriend: Create Belonging in an Age of Judgment, Isolation, and Fear" By Scott Sauls $12.99 on Amazon

Watch the study ahead of time on RightNow Media

A huge digital library of videos with bible studies and topical information for Christian living.

Generously provided by the church to her members. To sign up click the link below:

Books Every Christian Should Own

A Bible

The Lutheran Study Bible ($55)

The ESV Study Bible ($25)

A Hymnal

The Lutheran Service Book ($26)

A Catechism

Free Online Version

Catechism with Explanation ($16)

Bonus Books for Big Learners

The Book of Concord ($35) - The Confessions of the Lutheran Church

Eerdmans Dictionary of the Bible ($38) - A great book for almost any biblical topic

The Drama of Scripture ($22) - A book to help put the narratives of scripture in place

The Treasury of Daily Prayer ($50) - A devotional resource for those who need a lot of structure in prayer.

- ($$$)* Software for those who want to go digital and BIG with their library.

*(Pastor Matt is an affiliate with Faithlife so he receives a small cut from any purchase using this link)