2020 Devotionals and Ideas

The Bible Project Reading Plan (Free)

Reading the Psalms ($13)

Read The Gospel of Mark once a month and answer three questions:

  1. What did this reading say?
  2. What does this reading mean?
  3. Why was it written?

The Unveiling Mercy Podcast - a 4 minute daily Podcast linking the Old Testament to the New Testament

Purchase the book "Unveiling Mercy" Here

A huge digital library of videos with bible studies and topical information for Christian living.

Generously provided by the church to her members. To sign up click the link below:


Books Every Christian Should Own

A Bible

The Lutheran Study Bible ($55)

The ESV Study Bible ($25)

A Hymnal

The Lutheran Service Book ($26)

A Catechism

Free Online Version

Catechism with Explanation ($16)

Bonus Books for Big Learners

The Book of Concord ($35) - The Confessions of the Lutheran Church

Eerdmans Dictionary of the Bible ($38) - A great book for almost any biblical topic

The Drama of Scripture ($22) - A book to help put the narratives of scripture in place

The Treasury of Daily Prayer ($50) - A devotional resource for those who need a lot of structure in prayer.

- ($$$)* Software for those who want to go digital and BIG with their library.

*(Pastor Matt is an affiliate with Faithlife so he receives a small cut from any purchase using this link)