Parent Handbook

Preschool Mission Statement

The mission of the preschool is to nurture vibrant, active and growing children – spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, socially and physically through a well-trained and dedicated Christian staff and Lutheran curriculum.

Church Mission Statement

The mission of Concordia Lutheran Church is to give glory to the Triune God and to present His loving message of grace to each other, the community and the world.


Concordia Lutheran Church and Preschool is a member of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod (LCMS).


Concordia Lutheran Preschool believes that God has created children uniquely, each in his/her own special way. We believe that children learn through play and hands on experiences. We believe that faith in Jesus Christ permeates every aspect of learning. Our goal is to provide experiences to meet each preschooler’s individual needs in the areas of physical, social, emotional, creative, intellectual and spiritual nurture. We allow children to explore all areas of learning in his/her own creative way. We believe in providing a Christ centered, safe, nurturing learning environment where children feel safe to explore and learn. We believe we can best minister to children by also ministering to their families.


Concordia Preschool is open to all children 3-5 years of age. Children must be fully potty-trained, be able to communicate his/her bathroom needs and for the most part take care of bathroom needs independently. Training pants or Pull-ups are not acceptable for our programs .

To register for preschool, a completed information packet is required for our files (medical consent forms, allergy information, immunization records, emergency contact, etc.).

Enrollment for the upcoming fall opens in December to children already enrolled in the program. Siblings of children already enrolled and to those children of parents/guardians who are members of Concordia Lutheran Church, regular attenders and those who consider Concordia their home church may enroll February 1 as space allows. Enrollment opens to those on the waiting list and to the public on March 1 as space allows.

If it should become necessary for you to withdraw your child from preschool, we ask for two-week notification prior to withdrawal. 

 Classroom assignments will be made in the summer. 


2022-2023 School Year: Tuition is $158 per month for the 2 day option, $236 per month for the 3 day option and $392 per month for the 5 day option. Tuition is due on the first day of preschool for each month. A late fee of $25 will be added to your tuition bill after a 5 day grace period. If the balance on the statement is not paid by the following month, your child will no longer be enrolled in the preschool program.  

Partial scholarships are available typically at 25%. If interested, contact the director to request a scholarship application. The preschool governing board reviews each application and awards scholarships on a case by case basis based on monies available.   

Nondiscrimination Statement

Concordia Lutheran Preschool will provide preschool to any child without regardless of race, sex, national origin, religion, or physical, mental, or sensory disability.

Vaccination Requirements

All children enrolled in Concordia Lutheran are required to be up to date on state vaccination requirements. Parents or Guardians who exempt their child from school immunization requirement need to provide a Certificate of Exemption signed by their health care provider. The signature verifies that the provider gave the parent or guardian information about the benefits and risks of immunization. A parent or guardian can also turn in a signed letter from a health care provider stating the same information. This form can be requested from the Preschool Director.

Infectious Disease

If an illness classified as an infectious disease is diagnosed in a child enrolled in preschool, we will follow protocol as instructed by the Whitman County Health Department or Center for Disease Control. If protocol deems it necessary for certain categories of children to remain out of class for their safety and the safety of others, tuition will not be reimbursed except in extreme cases. If the illness is one that is on the standard vaccination schedule, any preschooler who is not vaccinated or not fully vaccinated will be asked to follow instructions as given by the Whitman County Health Department. If this includes absence from the classroom, tuition will not be reimbursed except in extreme cases.

Bathroom Procedures

Children must be fully potty-trained, be able to communicate his/her bathroom needs and for the most part take care of bathroom needs independently. Training pants or Pull-ups are not acceptable for our programs.

The following is the procedure used by preschool staff:

  • Preschoolers shall be accompanied by a teacher when they need to use the bathroom.
  • The teacher/assistant will assist the child, if needed, but will encourage the child to learn to wipe him/herself, etc.
  • We understand that preschoolers who are fully potty trained may have occasional accidents. Any frequent accidents that occur will need to be discussed with your child's teacher and the director.
  •  When a child has had an accident wetting or soiling their clothes, a teacher shall assist the child in changing their clothes in the bathroom. The teacher shall put on rubber gloves, help remove the clothing, clean the child, and help put on dry/clean clothes. The soiled clothing shall be put in a plastic bag and stored with the child’s other belongs. The parents will be informed of the soiled clothing.
  •  The teacher will teach the children how to wash their hands according to the directions on the bathroom wall.

Classroom Days, Times and Class Size

We offer 2 day, 3 day and 5 day per week morning options for preschool. Each class capacity is 12 students with a lead teacher and assistant. The class times and days are as follows:

●     Mrs. King’s 5 day class meets from 8:45-11:15 Monday-Friday

●     Mrs. Gulseth's 3 day class meets from 9:00-11:30 on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays

●     Mrs. Heiden's 2 day class meets from 9:00-11:30 on Tuesdays and Thursdays

Drop Off/Pick Up Policy

Please be prompt when dropping off and picking up your child. The preschool main entrance will be unlocked at 8:30am.  Parents need to wait with their child until the classroom doors open. Classroom doors open 5 minutes before the starting time for each class. It is important that parents arrive on time to pick up their child. Being picked up late can be a traumatic experience for a child. If an emergency arises and you will be late, please call the preschool at 509-505-5743 or contact your child’s teacher via REMIND or email so that we can reassure your child as he/she waits to be picked up. 

If there is a need for an occasional early drop off or late pick up, please make arrangements with your child’s teacher at least 24 hours prior. Please be aware that we may or may not be able to accommodate your request. There will be a $10 charge added to your monthly tuition bill for each late pick up that has not been arranged. Late pick up is defined as 5 minutes after the ending time of your child’s class.

Children will not be released to anyone other than the parents unless the teacher has been properly informed of prior arrangements. A note with the person’s name and parent’s signature is required for such a situation. Picture identification WILL BE REQUIRED of the person you arranged to pick up your child. 

Signing In and Out

A binder will be located in the preschool lobby that has a sign in sheet for each child. The sheets are organized by class and in alphabetical order. Please write the time you pick up and drop off your child each day and sign your complete name (no initials please).

School Cancellation

If Concordia Lutheran Preschool will need to be canceled for the day (inclement weather or health related) cancellations will be posted on the preschool Remind by 7am. An email will also be sent out. In the event that preschool is canceled, any tuition paid up until that date will not be reimbursed.


Preschool will start the Tuesday/Wednesday after Labor Day and go through the month of May. Please see the Academic Calendar on the preschool page of Concordia Pullman's website.

Curriculum and Curriculum Components

Our program strives to provide young children with an environment in which they can safely and securely learn and grow physically, socially, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually under the supervision of caring, trained adults. 

The children in our program are encouraged to learn on their own through creative and imaginative play, hands-on activities, small and large motor activities, as well as independent work. We have group time, structured activities, independent choice time and one-on-one learning. We strive to understand the unique learning style and needs of each child and provide activities that will best enhance his/her learning.

The curriculum components are as follows:

  • Dramatic Play
  • Social Skills and Studies
  • Science
  • Math
  • Health and Safety
  • Music
  • Language Arts
  • Kindergarten Readiness
  • Creative Arts
  • Worship and Chapel

Classroom Rules

Our classroom rules are clear and simple. Please review them with your child prior to the beginning of preschool.

  • Be kind to one another.
  • Use inside voices inside.
  • Keep your hands to yourself.
  • Stay with the class always. Make sure you can always see a teacher.

Daily Schedule

Consistent routine is essential for a successful preschool learning environment. This is a sample daily routine.


        Opening Circle         

    Learning Centers



         Large Motor/Outdoor play

         Closing Circle

Times may fluctuate from day to day, however the order of activities will stay the same.

Toys From Home

Toys from home are only allowed in the preschool classroom on days specified for SHARE Day. The exception to this rule is if a child needs his/her comfort item to be successful at preschool. Toy guns, knives, war toys or toys of destruction are never allowed in the classroom.

Worship Experiences

Being a Lutheran Christian faith based preschool, worship is an integral part of each preschool day. Prayer will be incorporated at the beginning of class, the end of class and whenever needed throughout the morning. “Worship” will be a part of the daily routine, being a time for singing, Bible lessons, and hand-on-learning about Jesus. A bi monthly chapel will be held with our Pastor. It is our belief that our faith defines all areas of our lives, thus everything will be taught from a Christian perspective.

Outdoor Play

Children will have the opportunity for outdoor play daily. If weather does not permit outside play, large motor play will be held indoors. If the temperature is below 25 degrees, we will not go outside. Please be aware of the weather conditions and have appropriate outerwear for your child. A pair of rubber boots are required to be left at preschool for outside use. In the event of snow play your child's teacher will ask you to bring your child in snow gear through the remind app by 7:00am. Please do not ask that your child remain indoors during outdoor play time. Two teachers are required to supervise outdoor play. If your child is not well enough to be outside, he/she should not be at preschool.


Christian holidays and national or community traditions will be observed. There is often a concern about the place of Halloween in our Christian setting. We will recognize Halloween as an event and talk about it if the children bring it up, but will not celebrate it. Our decorations will be happy and positive. A costume day is scheduled for this week.

Christmas and Easter will focus on Christ, His birth and resurrection. Santa and the Easter Bunny may be discussed as the children bring them up.


Birthdays are exciting times for young children and may be celebrated in the classroom. Following the Pullman School District Policy, we do not have treats as part of our birthday celebrations. However, each class has a special way to celebrate birthdays. For those children with summer birthdays, we encourage a ½ birthday celebration. Birthday party invitations may be passed out at preschool ONLY IF EVERY CHILD IN THE CLASS IS RECEIVING AN INVITATION.


WE LIKE TO GET MESSY AT PRESCHOOL! When dressing your child for preschool, please consider the variety of activities that we have. We use washable paints, markers and stamp pads and use cover-ups for painting, but clothes still may come home with hard-to-remove spots. We play in the sand, mulch, and snow. Clothes should be comfortable and washable with fasteners which children can manipulate. Cowboy boots and other shoes with slippery soles are not safe on play equipment or in active group play. On days when your child wears winter boots, please send shoes also. If your child wears a dress or skirt to preschool, we suggest tights or a pair of short under the skirt.


We are a peanut/tree nut free school.  Families are asked to provide a snack for their child each day. Due to multiple severe allergies, we ask that the snack you provide be fruit, vegetable or a peanut/tree nut free options. We also ask that you bring items that are not processed in the same facility as nut and /or tree nuts. Please send in a full water bottle each day. Please do not send milk or juice. The preschool will have snacks on hand if a snack is forgotten.

Field Trips

Several field trips may be scheduled throughout the year. Permission to attend field trips is part of the paperwork in the admission packet. It must be signed filled out and returned for your child to attend field trips. Three or more parent volunteers will be required for each field trip. Volunteers are expected to help drive children in addition to their own child and actively help in the supervision of the preschool class while on the field trip. We are not able to accommodate younger siblings unless specified by the classroom teacher. Infants must be worn in a sling or backpack if attending the field trip. Transportation will be provided by parent volunteers and all safety requirements will be met. Car seats will need to be left for use during the field trip. 

Classroom Supplies

A classroom supply list will be sent out prior to the first day of preschool. We ask that families provide needed items on that list as they are able. We will put out lists of needed items throughout the year as well that families can bring as they are able.

Each child should have a backpack or tote to bring every day to school.  This backpack/tote will also be used to send home papers and projects each day. A pair of rubber boots are required and will be left at preschool.

Behavior Management Policy

We use positive, Christ-centered methods of behavior management. Children will be taught the boundaries of the classroom to ensure their health and safety. When boundaries are crossed, the child will be redirected to another activity. If the need arises, a child may be removed from the situation and placed in a “thinking time” or an "uh-oh" spot to settle down and think about what happened. Children will never be belittled or treated harshly. 

We want pick ups to be happy and full of joy! To ensure this, teachers use "Uh-Oh Reports" to inform parents of any incidents that might have led to an "uh-oh" moment during our preschool day. These are then placed in your child's mailbox to review after you have had a joyful reunion with your preschooler. 

Teachers and parents will work together to find a solution to any behavioral problem that persists.

Accident Procedures

All teachers are certified in First Aid and CPR. If a minor accident occurs, a teacher will administer the appropriate first aid and fill out an accident report form which will be given to the parents at pick up. All injuries are dealt with using extra TLC.

In case of medical injury or illness requiring immediate professional care (emergency), the staff will call 911, giving location and nature of emergency. As appropriate, the staff will administer CPR or first aid measures. Parents will be notified immediately. If parents are unavailable, those individuals designated as emergency phone contacts will be notified.  All children must have an emergency medical release form on file in case of such an emergency.

Illnesses: When to keep your child home

If your child is experiencing any of the following symptoms, he or she needs to stay home. We are committed to keeping all of the children as healthy as possible. If your child is brought to school sick, you will be asked to take him/her home. If your child becomes sick while at preschool, we will isolate him/her from other children and contact the parent to pick him/her up immediately. Children need to be with family when not feeling well. These guidelines will be strictly enforced to ensure the health and safety of all. In the event that you keep your child at home for any of these symptoms please consult with your child's doctor in order to determine when your child can return to school. If there is a day where 3 or less preschoolers will be present due to illness, that class will be canceled and parents will be notified via REMIND and email by 7am.

       Fever of 100 ˚F or higher

       Vomiting within the past 24 hours

       Diarrhea within the past 24 hours

       Draining rash

       Eye discharge or pink eye (must be treated for 24 hours before returning)

       Fatigue that prevents participation in regular activities

       Lice or nits

       Heavy nasal discharge or constant sneezing and coughing

       Communicable diseases (chicken pox, whooping cough, etc.)


No medications will be administered by the Concordia Lutheran Preschool staff.

If your child has a documented severe allergy that could require the use of an EpiPen, please provide on to be kept on hand at the preschool.

Mandatory Reporting

Concordia Lutheran Preschool staff are REQUIRED by Washington State law and licensing requirements to report immediately to the police or Child Protective Services (CPS) any instance when there is reason to suspect the occurrence of physical, sexual, or emotional child abuse, child neglect, or exploitation.

The staff may not notify parents when the police or CPS is called about possible child abuse, neglect, or exploitation, except on the recommendation of CPS or the police when they are called.

Volunteering and Visiting

Parents should always feel welcome to come and spend time in the classroom. Important insights into your preschooler can be gained from time in the classroom and you are sure to have lots of fun! Teachers will post specific volunteer opportunities for parents. Volunteer opportunities begin in October.

Substitute teachers and volunteers will always work with a teacher on staff with Concordia Lutheran Church and Preschool. We ask all parents to fill out a Voluntary Disclosure Form and each name is run through the National Sex Offender Public Website.

Volunteers from the congregation and community may also be in the classroom from time to time.


Parking is available in the Concordia Lutheran Church parking lot across the street from the preschool building. Parking permits will be given to each preschool family. Parking on the street is not allowed. When crossing the street to the preschool building, please use the crosswalk and hold your child’s hand.


Parent/Teacher Communication

Families will receive a weekly emailed preschool newsletter highlighting learning for the week ahead. Notes and helpful articles may also be sent home from time to time. 

Each classroom uses Remind; a private mobile messaging platform that allows teachers to communicate daily activities, give updates, and share pictures with everyone within the group. also has information to give a glimpse into the life of our preschoolers.

Parents should feel free to set up times to speak with the teachers. Drop off and pick up are not good times for lengthy conversations since those times should be focused on the children. Teachers can be called at the office (not during class time), home, or contacted via email. 

Parent/Teacher Conferences will be held in the spring. However, a conference may be set up as needed throughout the year. 

Your children are precious gifts from God. Please let us know how we can best serve them!


Tips for the first day

The first few days of preschool can carry some anxiety for both children and parents! Rest assured that our loving and caring teachers will do whatever it takes to help your child through any difficult transition he/she may encounter.

Here are some tips that might help with the transition into preschool:

  •  If you have some anxiety about being separated from your preschooler, don’t tell your child. Children tend to follow the cues of their parents.
  •  Talk about all the fun things your child will be doing at preschool.
  •  Several days prior to the first day, start a countdown. Make a big deal about it!
  •  Come to the preschool orientation and bring your preschooler.
  •   During the first drop off help take care of your child’s things, tell your preschooler how much you love them, say goodbye and leave. Teachers will be able to lovingly handle any tears that may ensue. Your child is well cared for!
  •  Don’t skip saying goodbye by just slipping out. 
  • Return promptly at pick up time ready to hear about all the fun things your preschooler did. Listen with excitement and be attentive.

How you can help us!

  • There are several ways you can help us maintain the best possible teaching atmosphere for your child:
  • Pray for the teachers and the preschool program!
  •  Communicate to us your concerns regarding our program or your child.
  •  Open and read the weekly emailed newsletters and any notes sent home with your child.
  •  Pick up your child’s papers/projects daily. Their work is very important to them and provides another means of communication between parent and child and helps the parent share in the child’s day.
  • Periodically check on your child’s supply of extra clothing. Please take home soiled clothing promptly.
  • Because children quickly learn to model behavior, we ask that you govern your speech and conduct with Christian values. 
  • Only ask questions about your own child. We have a strict policy against gossip. The only child we will discuss with you is your own.